Tattoo aftercare distributor in Cebu

tattoo aftercare distributor in Cebu- share if you got someone

Janet Barquin: Naa mo kaila??? AJ TabinoNoe Dismal

Vikkei Colden: Tattoo Goo won’t ship it there? Or even have it shipped to one of the other locations and then have the manager ship to you?

Chris Schiavi: Shipping from usa is outrageously expensive

Vikkei Colden: Bummer!!!

Chris Atha: Chris you could have someone send you one of those big ass boxes (balik bayan box) take like a month to get

Chris Atha: It is only $100 whatever you can fit in it

Brian Cotney: Aquaphor

Michael B. Puccio Jr.: Buy a plane and ship it to yourself! 😉

Chris Schiavi: or ill buy a ship, and plane it to me

Where to buy Cactus plants in Cebu City?

Where to buy

Mar Lemuel Omac Polinar: there are many in cebu hahahahaha 😂

Christian Orellano: Merchants bro? 😅

Mar Lemuel Omac Polinar: you can do it with me. You can join with us, please contact

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: try to ask LAKAS of BAGANI chan..they know 😂😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

Christian Orellano : I do not know anymore and Bagani 😅 haha

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: hahaha relate..take the desert to to live the cactus

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: cactus rather

Kaye Joan Aniñon Jerusalemm:Not in there. we have here chan. I’ll send it through airplane 😂😂😂

Christian Orellano: Effort in airplane😅 I just get it when we got to Alcantara back haha

Kaye Joan Aniñon Jerusalemm: Christian Orellano sure

Alistaire Victoria:

Green Pot Garden Succulents and Others
Villa del Rio, Bacayan, Cebu, 6000 Cebu City

Christian Orellano: Thanks, Stef!

Alistaire Victoria: Christian Orellano sure! Owner’s a relative of mine too so no scam here 😂

Christian Orellano: I sent sms already. Where in Bacayan is the store? 😅

Alistaire Victoria:Christian Orellano Villa Del Rio 1. Home based.

Villa del Rio 1 Subdivision
Local Business
Talamban Rd, Cebu City

Christian Orellano: I will check the location soon 🙂

Hazel D. Mabitad: Sm cebu chan

Christian Orellano: which location ? Haha

Hazel D. Mabitad: Christian Orellano is among the few who have sold the plants

Christian Orellano: oh legally. I check textmate hihi thanks 🙂

Dom Cin: In parking lot baby boy

Christian Orellano: Thank you sir 😊

Christian Orellano: I did not watch sir 😅 find me.

Meije Hope:Parkmall hahaha

Christian Orellano: Hhi will check on Parkmall sad. Thanks, Mejie! 🙂

Recommended Auto Shops in Cebu City

Auto shops in Cebu City

Jed Ocañada: auto shop here boss please text /call number 09254444200.

Pod Paintworks Mabolo Branch
3.0 ★ Automotive Customization Shop
513 new frontier street, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines

Michael John Osarez: David Benjo Suico of POD paintworks.

POD Paintworks and Bodykits

4.1 ★ Automotive Repair Shop
Rizal St, 6014 Mandaue City

Rixon Taneo: Leejibb Ybañez Baring joyride

Joyride Autostyling

Motor Vehicle Company
MV Patalinghug Avenue, Basak, 6015 Lapu-Lapu City

Rixon Taneo: Ritchie Tomas Bernabe autoconceptz.

Rab Autocare

Automotive Repair Shop
Purok 2, Cubacub, 6014 Mandaue City

Rixon Taneo: Isabelo Remoto RR paintworks

Olrac Aled Asor: Cars101

Rex-Lisha Francisco: Hi-Way 88 Auto Service CenterChiboy Te Penales.

Hi-Way 88 Auto Service Center

Automotive Parts Store
J.C. De Veyra Street,North Reclamation Area Cebu City, 6014 Cebu City.

Leah Miranda Theymaysaleyou: Kenneth Otik @ FibroWorkz

Clyde Maglasang: Taloy Krhoz PhatbaseChino LedesmaDavid Benjo Suico pila lang ka ana Garage 1900 POD og PHATBASE.

Pie Perez: Thank you friend.

Manasy look

Business Service
Accross suzuki cabancalan mandaue, 6014 Cebu City.

Justine Sabejon: No problem.

Lemuel Ivler Malalay: Allfast cars.

Brook Mathias: Taloy Krhoz Phatbase this one sir it’s good. . your car is new?.

Taloy Krhoz Phatbase: thank you boss.

Dundee Mondares: Cars 101 – Cebu Car Painting Shop.

Cars 101 – Cebu Car Painting Shop
4.8 ★ Automotive Body Shop
518 Quijano Compound, V.Rama, Calamba, 6000 Cebu City.

Lemuel Ivler Malalay: in our office boss guaranteed..allfast cars next to sykes.

Deofrey Vistal: Go to Kia/gateway and use your insurance.

KIA Gateway Motors Cebu City
4.6 ★ Cars
Gorordo Avenue Cebu City, 6000 Cebu City.

Jeoffrey Ashe Perez: Taloy Krhoz Phatbase.

Taloy Krhoz Phatbase: tnx boss.

Clydel Ferolino: Thanks ruben 🙂.

Pie Perez: You may also use insurance boss.

Vincent Villarino: Pie do you process insurance if I bring there?

Pie Perez: Vincent Villarino no boss.

Erikoh Mapz: Roadstar.


4.3 ★ $ Automotive Repair Shop
Mabolo, 6000 Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines.

Ken Alistaire Cinco: David Benjo Suico of POD PAINTWORX boss

Jem Jay James: Insurance

Rex-Lisha Francisco: Garage 1900 Auto Detail / AutoPorn Accessories CebuChino Ledesma.

Garage 1900 Auto Detail / AutoPorn Accessories Cebu.
4.8 ★ $$ Automotive Store
Lorega Hiway, San Miguel Imus Avenue, 6000 Cebu City.

Beldad A Albert Jefferson: Auto World.

Aldrin Uy:

Carcar, Cebu.
Carcar, Cebu

Leandre Dax Badilla: Ritchie Tomas BernabeAutoconceptz.

5.0 ★ $ Automotive Repair Shop
R. Colina st; estancia, 6001 Mandaue City.

Ritchie Tomas Bernabe: Salamat bother.

Aldrin Uy: cheap in carcar.

Pao Ychaep: Chard Raven Ricafort bad ass.

Chard Raven Ricafort: Thanks pao.

David Benjo Suico: Ty boss hehe

Isabelo Remoto: here boss, proven and tested

Isabelo Remoto: cheap boss …

Jason Camero: sa car show auto detileng center talisay

Linao, Cebu, Philippines
Linao, Cebu, Philippines

Cio Jhibalves: granted 100 percent work and cheap only re paint.

Marky Barky: Phatbase Autoshop (Car Audio) Taloy Krhoz Phatbase

Phatbase Autoshop ” Car Audio & Auto Shop ”
5.0 ★ Local Business
M.H. del Pilar Street Guizo, 6014 Mandaue City

Jerson Porio: Boss… Taloy Krhoz Phatbase of phatbase autoshop

Phatbase Autoshop ” Car Audio & Auto Shop ”
5.0 ★ Local Business
M.H. del Pilar Street Guizo, 6014 Mandaue City

Che Inopiquez Omapoy: Phatbase Autoshop ” Car Audio & Auto Shop “Taloy Krhoz Phatbase

Phatbase Autoshop ” Car Audio & Auto Shop ”
5.0 ★ Local Business
M.H. del Pilar Street Guizo, 6014 Mandaue City

Biboy Abella: Southroads by CCF for bodybuilding repair .

Southroads by CCF
4.8 ★ Automotive Body Shop
San Isidro, SRP, 6045 Talisay, Cebu

Nathan Rivera: Pm boss

Recommended a Driving School in Cebu

Don C. Canama: Pro drive

Pro Drive Driving School
Local Business
Cebu City

Margic Parame Hinacay: Thank you Don C. Canama 🙂

Juan Tamad: me Pretty TL, your personal instructor hehe

Margic Parame Hinacay: Yey! Mackoy tree ☺

Katrina Marie Veyga: Kram Yokam Retsel with me if you are PI

Geo Edward Imperial Zayas: best driving school cebu, the best there’s many perks margic

Best Driving School
4.9 ★ Driving School
626 Dona Esperanza Village, Katipunan St., Brgy Tisa, 6000 Cebu City

Margic Parame Hinacay: Thanks yaya! I will try hehe

Geo Edward Imperial Zayas: olryt gic defensive driving seminar choy hahaha

Dale Amores: I’m going to help you! 😂 prepare intellicare hahahaha

Margic Parame Hinacay: Hahahahaha no😂

Katrina Marie Veyga: layshu let’s break tl

Caine Loreto: ahahaha go marj.

Margic Parame Hinacay: I’m a taxi driver I’m so much for you. Ahaka! 😂

Caine Loreto: That’s it. for you to modrive our bohol! hehe

Margic Parame Hinacay: Do not be sad for the tax life! 😂

Katrina Marie Veyga: Try


Looking for Wedding Reception in Cebu?

Recommended Wedding Reception in Cebu

Rikee Mae V. Sila: ate, sa paradise garden sa canduman.

Paradise Garden Events Pavilion
4.3 ★ $$$ Party Entertainment Service
H. Abellana Street, Barangay Jagobiao, 6014 Mandaue City

Anj Aspero Pati-on: It’s too far.. yesterday we tried to book to fort san pedro.. but there’s someone who booked the date..😢😢

Nina Rose Galano: Pm you maam.

Bj Abella: Which location? wedding venue

Anj Aspero Pati-on: within Cebu City area.. For San Pedro and capitol is fully booked for july 28.

Bj Abella: did you try bayfront?

Anj Aspero Pati-on: SM area? How much?

Anj Aspero Pati-on: Mate do you have idea?

Bj Abella: Murag naa na 600+ per pax same sa big hotel parkmall

Nina Rose Galano: Bayfront is only 490 per head

Nina Rose Galano: Castle peak 450.

Kandungaw Peak
4.7 ★ Travel & Transportation
6022 Cebu City

Nina Rose Galano: Mamdarin 550 per head

Bj Abella: Kani kauban ohh. Thanks maam Nina Rose Galano

Jocelyn Abellana Ceniza: fort san pedro

Vei Han: S hotel guadalupe is also good for wedding reception

Xhiang Comia Gomez: @monterrazas guadalupe 3k 4k 5k

Gino Montesclaros Cabrera: Sutefanii Rorein

Giovanni Lesmes: Bayfront hotel for wedding reception in cebu

Bayfront Hotel Cebu
$$$$ Hotel
Recommended by 1 friend

Anj Aspero Pati-on: Just the venue, we have caterer. thanks mam☺

Junseop Lee: Hello mam we offer 190/head 5 menu + 2 desserts + soft drinks min 100 pax up

Alma Velasco Garcia: Charmaine Velasco Garcia-Deligero

Maj Maj: which date ma’am

Anj Aspero Pati-on: july 28 mam

Junseop Lee: p190/head 5 menu + 2 desserts + rice + softdrinks complete set up!! HASSLE FREE + BUDGET FRIENDLY!! LAMI JUD DAW BASE SA MGA FEEDBACK 🙂

Recommended Optical Clinic in Cebu

Jhang Quindao: Try sa sotto. Nice shutter some eye center

Ivy Jeanne: Mao dai ?? I am left eye …. Merry christmas to you dai and your family

Jhang Quindao: Thank you very much. Try here more easily than phil health

Dòris Làura: Tupad nis emall dai. Right side facing cebu coliseum

Ivy Jeanne: Ok ra fee dotz Doris Laura hahaha …

Dòris Làura: 1700 rato ako. If you like and are more expensive then you can just judge the price but it is the service the best

Sai Maga Ocop: How are you?

Ivy Jeanne: my left eye pains ..

Yase Ortiz Kirby: Esper Tiongko Notarion

Yase Ortiz Kirby: Free checkup by Esper Tiongko Notarion hon Ivy Jeanne

Ivy Jeanne: Yase Ortiz Kirby where?

Em: Eyetune Optical Greenery 🙂

Eyetune Optical Greenery
5.0 ★ $$ Optometrist
2nd Floor, The Greenery, Pope John Paul II, Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City, 6000 Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines

Looking for a good wedding photographer based in Cebu


Looking for a good wedding photographer based in Cebu. Help please.

Lyka Marie Montecillo Esgana: Anthony Hejie Suralta Photography

Anthony Hejie Suralta Photography
Talamban, 6000 Cebu City

Britz Briones: thank you. 🙂

Tristom Dela Serna Romero: Anthony Hejie Suralta

Alice Uypuanco: Go with Metrophoto lang Haze. costly but worth it ❤

Hazel Yap: I really want to. I’m so tempted. 😭 but I might like the work of other photographers here too, I get to save also

Alice Uypuanco: Hazel Yap true but ahhhh think of how gorgeous the photos and memories would be 😍

Prince Mitch Guba Jimenez: Vicki Saguin-Linao @dodskie

Vicki Saguin-Linao: Thanks, Prince. 😉 Heads up, Rafael Konrad. Dodzki Photography

Dodzki Photography
5.0 ★ Professional Service
6000 Cebu City

Rafael Konrad: Thanks, Mitch.

Dann Palces: Alvin Asayas

Aerlowe Suarez Relatorres: Shay Manalang

Bryan Siason: Dan Douglas Ong

Judee Kimberly Rallos: Nicolo Manreal

Nicolo Manreal: Thanks Judee!

Michelle Gaboya-Cortez: Rainbowfish Photography

Rainbowfish Photography
5.0 ★ Photographer
B. Rodriguez St, 6000 Cebu City

Nicolo Manreal: Thank you Michelle ❤

Kayot OB: Wildfolks Studios. AJBeth ☺📸

Wildfolks Studios
4.9 ★ Photographer
Mandaue, 6014 Cebu City

Beth Alojipan: thank you Kayot OB 😊

5.0 ★ Photographer

B. Rodriguez St, 6000 Cebu City

Nicolo Manreal: Thanks Raleene! ❤

Matet Spagnolo: ThAnks mami

Rainbowfish Photography
5.0 ★ Photographer
B. Rodriguez St, 6000 Cebu City

Jucille Giango: Gabriel Espina VasquezBibi S. Delos Reyes

JP Villahermosa Consunji:

U Photography Cebu
5.0 ★ $$ Professional Service
Cebu City, Philippines, 6000


Kris Niña Rebecca Ong-Consul: Rainbowfish Photography🤗

Rainbowfish Photography
5.0 ★ Photographer
B. Rodriguez St, 6000 Cebu City

Nicolo Manreal: Thanks Nina! ❤

Monika Lorraine Horfilla Ros: Jill Abellana Madriaga

RoseCat Man: George C. Busico

Shay Manalang: Marlon Capuyan

Panu Yu: Rainbowfish Photography

Rainbowfish Photography
5.0 ★ Photographer
B. Rodriguez St, 6000 Cebu City

Will Yap: Robo Formacion

Robo Formacion: Thanks 🙂

Charmaine Trizzia Ong-Villagonzalo: Jaypee Noche

Dianne Masang: Rock Paper Scissors PhotographyShutterfairy Photography

Shutterfairy Photography
4.2 ★ Photographer
5 Villa Inez Comp. Andres Abellana St., 6000 Cebu City
Rock Paper Scissors Photography
Don Jose Avila St.,, 6000 Cebu City

Rapünzel Dy: Franz Arrogante

Hazel Yap: He’s my videographer

Francis Dominic Bendijo Lim: Wildfolks StudiosBeth Alojipan

Wildfolks Studios
4.9 ★ Photographer
Mandaue, 6014 Cebu City

Lorenz Jasper Yap: Anthony Hejie Suralta

Justine Gutierrez:

Mark Anthony L. Gelig | Photography
6000 Cebu City

Kimberley Therese Gothong: Rainbowfish Photography

Rainbowfish Photography
5.0 ★ Photographer
B. Rodriguez St, 6000 Cebu City

Ting Yap: Thanks Keech but i’m Ormoc based 😀

Keechee C. Ouano: Ai hahaaa

Kimberley Dacay Gonzalez: Jaypee Noche

Hazel Yap: Haha you really recommend him Kim, he’s actually on our list na :))

Karen Louise P. Magsalay: Haze, check jaypee noche.👍🏻

Jaypee Noche Photography
Local Business
F. Ramos Street, 6000 Cebu City

Ryan Gabison: of Big Shots Photo Booth

Neenyah Erguerro: HAZE!!! I highly recommend Wildfolks Studios you won’t regret it. They have unique concepts jud and as in ma amaze ka. Pm Beth Alojipan or AJ Alojipan. Check their page, their photos speak a thousand words

Wildfolks Studios
4.9 ★ Photographer
Mandaue, 6014 Cebu City

Hazel Yap: Really? Will check their page Nin. You getting them for your wedding? 🙂

Neenyah Erguerro: No im doing shotgun wedding. 😂so tiring to think about coordinators and everything mka stress 😭😔

Neenyah Erguerro: They’re very fun and easy to work with jud di ka magmahay haze. Close friends nako pag college and HIGHLY recommend i cannot stress enough hahaha

Neenyah Erguerro: And i never recommend stuff to people. Except this hahaha

Hazel Yap: will message you

Santi Tiu Chua: Jaypee Noche looking for wedding photographer …


Lizlee Sanchez Villamor: Shutterfairy Photography

Shutterfairy Photography
4.2 ★ Photographer
5 Villa Inez Comp. Andres Abellana St., 6000 Cebu City

Kathlyne Dela Pena Fernandez: thaanks😊

Nini Marquez: Highly recommend Lloyed Valenzuela

Lloyed Valenzuela: Thank you Miss Nini! <3 <3 <3

Darlene Tan-Salazar: Plus 1 for Lloyed 🙂

Jam Javier: Johannah Joy Batiancila Archuleta

Arbee Panga Delgado: You can check Paopao Sanchez 🙂 He did our prenup also in Cebu 🙂

4.7 ★ $ State
6014 Toledo, Cebu

Paopao Sanchez: Thank you so much Arbee! ❤

Rei La Bonghanoy – Bernaldez: Try to check Jerald Jhek Donal ‘s profile and facebook page The Prime Photo – Cebu by Jerald Donal! He’s really good! He was our pre-nup and wedding photographer! 😊

The Prime Photo – cebu wedding photographer
5.0 ★ Event Videographer
HOME ADDRESS, 6011 Cebu City

Rei La Bonghanoy – Bernaldez: Jerald Jhek Donal

Ryan Ortega: +100 for Paopao Sanchez.

Nicole Presbitero Maderazo: go for Paopao Sanchez!! highly recommended!

Cathy Bacay: Blinkbox Photos, Burtz Rolian

Blinkbox Photos
Cebu City

Jessel Embalsado Lastimosa: You may check this page Cebu wedding photographers and videographers by Lemuel Arrogante 😊😊

Cebu Wedding Photographers Videographers by Papicture
5.0 ★ Photographer
Block 1, Lot 9, Charles Peak, 6014 Mandaue City

Ciello Marie Verde-Dizon: Air Balloon Project. You may check. Highly recommend. They are also from Cebu.

Air Balloon Project
Philippines, Nationwide


Martial Arts School in Cebu

Gracelaie Chen: There is jujitso in the fuente. Not sure if cge pa rn

Allan Scrabbles: What is the name of school?

Gracelaie Chen: Allan Scrabbles forgot my mn and asked me for my amiga. We were so lazy that we were in love but I still had a lot to do

Allan Scrabbles: hahahaha GG

Ska Ho Lic: There’s a lot of Allan Scrabbles pm of the harvest is Christian Gaviola

Allan Scrabbles: Thanks bro jury. I’ll Pm Christian Gaviola ron hehe

Ska Ho Lic: Allan Scrabbles way just bro

Christian Gaviola: Over Limit Jiu Jitsu Academy, Cebu 🤙

Over Limit Jiu Jitsu Academy, Cebu
$ Martial Arts School
Gorordo Ave, 6000 Cebu City

Christian Gaviola: Free trial for a week bro 😃. Lemme just know the taka. MWFS I train

Hannah Zambrano: Cebu MMA

Cebu MMA
4.8 ★ $ Martial Arts School
J. Llorente St, 6000 Cebu City

Allan Scrabbles: thanks winestar!

Hannah Zambrano: no biggie, Rockstar!

Allan Scrabbles: where is it gov?

Govinda Jean: Allan Scrabbles is my first check, daybreak

Van Marquin: Muai Thai bro .. Join René Toreña’s boss

Yokok’s Gym Cebu
5.0 ★ Sports & Recreation
rr landon st, 6000 Cebu City

Allan Scrabbles: pm pls hehehe

René Toreña:


Allan Scrabbles:


Kirk Barbasa Sanapo: Bebskie’s Botpalu Martial Arts Academy

Allan Scrabbles: Bebskie’s Martial Arts, Gym, Buffet and KTV Bar.

Kirk Barbasa Sanapo: hahahahaha comeplete bro

Allan Scrabbles: Fitness is very useless

Kirk Barbasa Sanapo: so bro hahaha

Vergielyn Cubol: Who touched you?

Allan Scrabbles: Hahahha. Someday you’ll know

Korazy Ayed: I’m sorry and I’m sick of the body duh hahahha

Rey Almario: Yaw yan bai 😁

Dennis Narvasa Daruca: Chinese Ngohiong bro. the best.

Allan Scrabbles: Kana bro. I love my favorite. Animal hahhaa

Looking for apartment for rent within Cebu city

it’s Looking for apartment for rent within Cebu city preferably Capitol/Ramos area.

Luigi Domingo Salvatierra: oyy why? Hmmmm

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Transfer

Transfer It
Screen Printing & Embroidery
1420 G. Masangkay St. Sta. Cruz, 1012 Manila, Philippines

Luigi Domingo Salvatierra: Part of soul searching? Shems

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Luigi Domingo Salvatierra  current location not suitable for young audiences shems

Loydjhon Uy: My aunt has one in bulacao area

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: it’s too far 😭😭

MJ Inting: is this available?

Loydjhon Uy: I think there’s one available

Loydjhon Uy:

Mamoru Arisu: Sanchez building infront of san carlos gym

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: You mean sa Sanciangko?

Mamoru Arisu: yes i used to live there in apartment. Accessible

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Mamoru Arisu do you have vacant ris?

Mamoru Arisu: I think. i will try in the office.

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Mamoru Arisu oh okay, I’ll try to inquire then. thanks

Jhay-r Abac: we have here but it’s a studio type. you will transfer all ? it’s only 2 person per unit.

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: we can’t transfer there, we have lots of stuff.

Arnel Palen: you can put your things outside hahaha

Arnel Palen: hahahahha

Jhay-r Abac:  noh? how do you call it , walk out closet? it’s outside

Arnel Palen: correct !!!! hahahaha

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: We have next  our house and it’s new 12k per month

San Rafael River Adventure
4.5 ★ $$ Hotel Resort
Brgy. Talacsan, 3008 San Rafael, Bulacan

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: where is it?

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon:  Happy Valley

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon hmmmm that’s fine.

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: it’s a nice house

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: we’ll check this week maybe. 🙏

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: it’s nice if asap

Rio Egos Artong: Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon still available?

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: With gate

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: where is it?

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Raj AjRen okay I’ll ask thanks amhey

Looking for a backdrop stylist

Backdrop stylist


JM Nej: Charity Dela Torre

Kneil Johann Lao Modina: Isla Sa Pinas

Isla Sa Pinas: L Eigh Uh

Isla Sa Pinas: Jung Ha Na

Jung Ha Na: Fully booked for May.

Ian James Borres: Vei Han

Khristine Navaja Seco: Takadashi Oumori

Takadashi Oumori: Thanks maam tine … 🙂

Hannah Rhae Segismar Codino: genteel events and styles

Genteel Events and Styles
5.0 ★ $$$ Event Planner
Hi way Lipata Minglanilla Cebu, 6000 Cebu City

Hannah Rhae Segismar Codino: Marie Tecson Lamberte

Anna Marie: Gai Dormitorio

Anne Balagas: Nikie J. Larano of TheDIYMOMS

Jo Ian: Rikko Puerto

Meg Balon: Be Happy Please check our page for our samples and dessert buffet sir. 🙂

Be Happy
5.0 ★ Local Business

Zryll C. Navz: master Kit, try nila Faye Perez Pasay Pasaol … very good are you here .. here are samples of their work …

Kit Bajar Bakarashi: ok thanks for recommendation 🙂

Faye Perez Pasay Pasaol: thanks kuya zeeeeee 😍😍

Faye Perez Pasay Pasaol: and another sample ….

Giovanni Lesmes: Gelix Abellana fun and play

Mai Madelle: Imma Rabillas-Osorio

Mai Madelle:

Imma Rabillas-Osorio: Thanks mai

Jhilornz Queniahan Delator: Jelody Treats Cortes-Juanico

Jelena Treats Cortes-Juanico: Thank u madam .. 🙂

Jelody Treats
5.0 ★ Business Service
B. Ceniza St. Asinan, Mantuyong, 6014 Mandaue City