Casay Beach Park in Dalaguete

Lilith Lynch: Well, I do not think that’s a good place to sit in a tent or somewhere in the middle of a couple of hundred tents for a couple of hours to reach 800 pay for a night overnight Tami so to your apartment Ari to the tent you know ! Okay 800  room  🙂

Lilith Lynch: If you want to go to the gate, you will have to enter the gate with the entrance to the gate.

Morgan Roy: It’s okay. There is only a small white sand

Gwendolyn Colon: Gianna Fox: Let’s go, near your house? or in dalaguete beach park ato went before?

Gianna Fox: hahaa is dzaie

Gwendolyn Colon: sorry. HAHAHA

Quinn Coleman: Do you always complain about your garbage? when it comes to casay you just do not want to spread. dump garbage and mushrooms.

Liam Johnston: Then the toilet boss does not have a clear water … there’s a pay-up to stock up …

Quinn Coleman: find another place if you want, what can you expect for a 35 entrance fee. your free to call tieza for that concern.

Quinn Coleman: sad to say during that time you are victimized by the past user.

Genesis Garrett: Agree too much waste.

Zander Green: Hello can we use our own tent if ever we stay over night ?? thank you sir

Dallas Cole: Zander Green: yes yhang..hahaha

Tessa Horton: It is the Video of Place / Sir if it’s a human being … it is not edited

Damien Jones: How to get there? Thankyoou

Tessa Horton: Damien Jones: goodevening mam! From South Bus on Sunrays or Ceres for Bato Oslob is the Conductor at Dalaguete Beach Park.

Georgia Gibbs: how much the rent?

Andrea Bowman: Been here baby Brian Porter: but the pic is too nice. But nice mn pud to.

Brian Porter: Is there a rental for baby tent?

Arya Norton: It’s okay, the ambiance is nice but the shower no. You do not want to spend some time in the shower.

Allyson Aguilar: The entrance fee explains the service served to customers

Dominic Cross: You’re very tall in the shower. Water is too small for water

Diego Spencer: Elrose no need nalang ta magshower megs hahahaha

Liam Johnston: It’s a crude water that does not look …

Norah Stanley: Nice she’s been there though far but worth it she’s besh

Annabella Rodriquez: Bianca Roy: this is why we are told that the casay teacher. haha


Gavin Kelley: They said only the picture good but somebody told me plenty of rock

Maliyah Gibbs: Shaina Delposo Monceda dont know you? hehehe

Kaitlyn Dean: Maemok MaeJose Patrick: unwind stress here biiii …

Jose Patrick: Could it be?

Lyric Beck: Phoebe Collins: they’re just as fast as they can

Phoebe Collins: Let’s use tent

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