Recommend someone who sells affordable puppies

Camden Moss: Michael Velasco

Camden Moss: Johan Beuken

Jaxon Vargas: ThAnk you !!

Camden Moss: Jaxon Vargas: no proble,yot

Marilyn Fletcher: Adrian Gallego Rosacina

Lyric Roberts: Me did your chihuahua delivered baby? hehe pure breed

Celine Robinson: Maggie Jennings:

Maggie Jennings: Thanks beauty

Elise Hopkins: Cebu quality puppies come here:)

Cebu Quality Puppies for Sale

Pet Store
National Hwy, Minglanilla, Cebu

Ayla Matthews: a friend of mine who owns a pet shop.. let me know lang and i will refer you to him.. anyway, what breed do you want?

Antonio Haynes: Stela Maris Jacaban Tabornal

Holly Howell: i want labrador? we have new puppies

Juan Harmon: Ops! there’s one in consolascion, pomeranian and chihuahua dogs.

Isla May: Evelyn Rivera:

Evelyn Rivera: Thank you, brother 😉

Hazel Mason: Kamila Bush: you have one that you want to give away right ?

Kamila Bush: I commit it with someone already. Hehehe

Nora King: Me sir I sell puppies

Looking for tailoring/ clothier shops


Julie Medina: naa ra diha dapit inyo o

Camille Barber: where?

Camille Barber: company uniform ha

Julie Medina: testingi lang, basin pa diay

Camille Barber: where is the locationo ? I’ll bring my jerseys.

Julie Medina: dili oy, kana gud doul ra kaayo sa inyo. kanang sila mo provide sa mga uniforms, jogging pants, etc. sa cebu bazaar

Julie Medina: silay mo tahi para dad.on didto

Camille Barber: where is it? like landmark

Blair Brock: Atbang Victoria halohaloan

Camille Barber: Unsae ngan partner?

Blair Brock: Ae nevermindana partner try KOLOSAS nice and good quality

Kolosas Boutique
2.7 ★ · $$$ · Bridal Shop
N. Bacalso Ave, 6000 Cebu City

Kameron Osborne: I think they costumize mcdo shirt, it near going sanjo

Trinity Rivera: opposite of san jose.

Camille Barber: at main martie?

Kelsey Shelton: for your office Kath?


Satisfy your favorite comfort food cravings with the world’s first, Cebuano Street Food Festival!

John Frey: All of your all-time favorites in one place, admission free! Velez May’s Barbecue at Larsian.

Kuya Jeff’s Siomai at Tisa Sol’s Halo-halo House of Lechon’s Carcar Lechon Maco Manok Kara’s Fried Chicken Didang’s Masareal, Otap, Etc. Mayol’s Special Bibingka in Mandaue Jessie’s Homemade Argao Balot Taho Street Food Tempura & Kwek-kwek Chinese Ngohiong and more! Food prices are relatively similar. Check us on Facebook or call us at 231 3681 for inquiries.

Avianna Burton: Lila Steele: You do not have to cook it oh

Violet Steele: And what’s the point? Who is hungry more easily with us?

Violet Steele: Charity of the ninja

Avianna Burton: You are welcome.

Addyson Snyder: Blog this Queenie Pie

Violet Steele: Taking street food to a whole new level — check out this NEW Japanese food truck, the Okinawa Heat, near the Redemptorist Church in Queen’s Road, Cebu City.

Aleah Harrington: This is what I’m telling youuuuuu. Japanese is just Ralph Michael

Justin Newman: Marlon Lao is in. Is it really a stoker? Lol

Elliott Gonzalez: Is it possible to catch the fudtruck in cebu? Aria Campbell: look oh!

Adam Hamilton: Rex babski, look

Clayton Reeves: Paul Perry: here we are with the girls if possible hahaa, Blanche Oyao is back home

Clayton Reeves: Hilak nlng ta ohyyssss …

Paul Perry: He’s a catalyst for fight for my way

Paul Perry: Does the redemptorist have a place?

Clayton Reeves: There’s a food place in the c & o bookstore

Paul Perry: Aawh dira diay

Clayton Reeves: The church is cheap and will lose its reputation

Paul Perry: Buslot pocket we do not care about me

Micah Sullivan: Christian Cuba baaaaabe !!!

Samuel Rios: Nk if it does not come to you hahahahahahah

Josiah Patrick: See u tomorrow

Amelia Holmes: Where’s the place?

Lia Castro: Tara na ayaw cge diet ohy

Haven Stevenson: Ruby Little: Well you’re right

Ruby Little: naa jd nay adress ah. 3rd plan we have to put in a lot of stuff

Haven Stevenson: Hahahahahah first siomai bes hahahahah

Isabella Mann: Stephen is back then

Myra Moss: Kylie Chloe is the man we love oh hahaha

Ruth Caldwell: dzah Jeffrie Omandam laba ang jap resto sa bogo … buhay pa raba to ddto

Jazlyn Gross: We should try this its a food truck Charlie Lamb:

Charlie Lamb: hehe

Jazlyn Gross: neverminddd

Skylar Pittman: Waaant to tryyyy Tantan

Colette Simpson: Lezz gooo

Lucille Salazar: where’s the sushi at 🙁 Carlo Adraincem

Priscilla Conner: near redemptorist church dear xah ciudad

Jaxon Wallace: Wow my jumegs that photographer !!! Pwede pa fansign? Calculate Grant:

Kira Grant: Well, I’m just friends with my writers in Cebu

Mason Pena: Thank you to those who like. Starting tomorrow we will transfer mango square …

Emily Williamson: Dai this too Dalila Caspe

Uphill Tour Cebu

Cebu City + Uphill Tour Recommended for 5-6 adults 2,500php for 8hrs Destinations: Magellan’s Cross Basilica del sto nino Fort San Pedro Taoist Temple Temple of Leah TOPS of Cebu Botanical Garden Sirao Flower Farm 10K roses can be added with an additional fee of only 500php

Aidan Erickson: How much additional F SIMALA

August Mason: Same price for Simala sir 2,500php. 5-6 pax po.

Aidan Erickson: Only SIMALA 2500

August Mason: Yes sir only for simala.We would need another day for city tour as the whole trip to simala will take 5-6 hrs. Most of the tourist spots will be close by the time we get back to the city so we cannot combine it

Glenn Torres Pilapil:

August Mason: Thanks sa thumbs up Glenn Torres Pilapil

Wesley Byrd: How to book, number please

August Mason: Good day Miss Joy, we’ll send you a private message.

Cameron Collier: Johnmar going cebu oh

Rory Clark: I will tell to mom 😀

Cameron Collier: Please tell.

Evangeline Murray: You want to tour Bohol? 3,5 only van

Samuel Morris: gas included and driver?

August Mason: Hi Ma’am, yes gas and driver inlcuded.

Casay Beach Park in Dalaguete

Lilith Lynch: Well, I do not think that’s a good place to sit in a tent or somewhere in the middle of a couple of hundred tents for a couple of hours to reach 800 pay for a night overnight Tami so to your apartment Ari to the tent you know ! Okay 800  room  🙂

Lilith Lynch: If you want to go to the gate, you will have to enter the gate with the entrance to the gate.

Morgan Roy: It’s okay. There is only a small white sand

Gwendolyn Colon: Gianna Fox: Let’s go, near your house? or in dalaguete beach park ato went before?

Gianna Fox: hahaa is dzaie

Gwendolyn Colon: sorry. HAHAHA

Quinn Coleman: Do you always complain about your garbage? when it comes to casay you just do not want to spread. dump garbage and mushrooms.

Liam Johnston: Then the toilet boss does not have a clear water … there’s a pay-up to stock up …

Quinn Coleman: find another place if you want, what can you expect for a 35 entrance fee. your free to call tieza for that concern.

Quinn Coleman: sad to say during that time you are victimized by the past user.

Genesis Garrett: Agree too much waste.

Zander Green: Hello can we use our own tent if ever we stay over night ?? thank you sir

Dallas Cole: Zander Green: yes yhang..hahaha

Tessa Horton: It is the Video of Place / Sir if it’s a human being … it is not edited

Damien Jones: How to get there? Thankyoou

Tessa Horton: Damien Jones: goodevening mam! From South Bus on Sunrays or Ceres for Bato Oslob is the Conductor at Dalaguete Beach Park.

Georgia Gibbs: how much the rent?

Andrea Bowman: Been here baby Brian Porter: but the pic is too nice. But nice mn pud to.

Brian Porter: Is there a rental for baby tent?

Arya Norton: It’s okay, the ambiance is nice but the shower no. You do not want to spend some time in the shower.

Allyson Aguilar: The entrance fee explains the service served to customers

Dominic Cross: You’re very tall in the shower. Water is too small for water

Diego Spencer: Elrose no need nalang ta magshower megs hahahaha

Liam Johnston: It’s a crude water that does not look …

Norah Stanley: Nice she’s been there though far but worth it she’s besh

Annabella Rodriquez: Bianca Roy: this is why we are told that the casay teacher. haha


Gavin Kelley: They said only the picture good but somebody told me plenty of rock

Maliyah Gibbs: Shaina Delposo Monceda dont know you? hehehe

Kaitlyn Dean: Maemok MaeJose Patrick: unwind stress here biiii …

Jose Patrick: Could it be?

Lyric Beck: Phoebe Collins: they’re just as fast as they can

Phoebe Collins: Let’s use tent

Any recommendations for Travel Agencies in Cebu?

Recommended Travel Agency

Renan Riam Estrada: SM naa duol sa sunburst na travel agency

Lester Glenn Tabada: thanks come here bro!

Renan Riam Estrada: Destination specialist

Lester Glenn Tabada: Renan Riam Estrada thanks brother!!!

Doy Ledoy P. Mendoza: Goto ma’am Sheila. She’s our co- ultrarunners or pm her.

Lester Glenn Tabada: thanks sir! will pm her unya!

Charizsa Timkang: Do it yourself👍☺

Charizsa Timkang: Haha for hassle free. san ba lakad mo?

Lester Glenn Tabada: confidential hahaha.

Charizsa Timkang: Lester Glenn Tabada haha baka lang pupuntahan ko din yan. Bigyan kita ng tips haha

Lester Glenn Tabada: sure! its a famous mega city man.

Charizsa Timkang: Lester Glenn Tabada ah haha go Bali. Might go back to Bali this year☺

Johnn Mendoza:

Global Link Travel and Tours

3.8 ★ Travel Agency
Arcade C, Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex, Escario St., 6000 Cebu City
Cebu Fortune Travel, Inc.
5.0 ★ $$ Travel Agency

Lester Glenn Tabada: thanks bai Johnn!!!!! (we missed you sa anniversary party. hahaha)

Johnn Mendoza: Lester Glenn Tabada I KNOW 🙁 sakto kaayo tumong sa Chinese birthday sa ako Lola (she has two birthdays, chinese and english calendar)

Lester Glenn Tabada: Johnn Mendoza sayang. anyway plenty of next time. Pro-tip avoid the Tequila at all cost. ahahahhhahaha

Wilbert Wee: Cebu Fortune travel agency

4.7 ★ $ State
6014 Toledo, Cebu
Fortune Travel Agency
$ Travel & Transportation
Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines

Lester Glenn Tabada: thanks Wee! I will try. 🙂 same recommended by Johnn Mendoza?

Lester Glenn Tabada: mga legit na sila dihaa Wee?

Sean Corleone: Gel Alman

Gel Alman: thanks, Atty! for where Lester Glenn Tabada ?

Alfred Lastra-Gorduiz Abergonzado: Singapore kuala lumpur vietnam. Sige na kay uban ko vietnam

Lester Glenn Tabada: whahahahha. sorry na gud. pagdali na ug uli beshie beh

Love Ceniza Catarman: Diy mas savings and exciting!

Willie Estepa: Leisure travel & tours.

Leisure Travel & Tours, Inc
$ Passport & Visa Service
JD Palma Bldg., Apitong Street, 6000 Cebu City

Tristan Jun Galvez Esclamado: Jun Mark Rein Labadan

Jun Mark Rein Labadan: Visit Travelite Travel and Tours Co. Located in Unit 10, One Mango Avenue, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu. 😉😊

Travelite Travel & Tours
Travel Agency
One Mango Arcade, 6000 Cebu City

Timmy Jean Anders: Raffy Trinidad

Alieth Bontuyan: Which country? Try Gecko Adventure & Tours 💟💟💟

Gecko Adventure & Tours
5.0 ★ Local & Travel Website
Wilson street, 6000 Cebu City

Cebu Recommended Food

Recommended Food

Razini Duterte: Thanks miss.

Razini Duterte: Thank you.

Ericka Franz: gorgeous lady🌸🌺

Razini Duterte: Thank u olive see u soon☺

Fernando Yap: ..excellent Ms Razini…beautiful….perfect…congrats…

Razini Duterte: Thank u☺

Hanna EngClar: Where is it Razini Duterte and how to order?

Razini Duterte: Hello han. How are u? Ayala han visit nya☺

Regina De Ocampo: The best!! ❤

Razini Duterte: Thanks mam, enjoy your Oskin😘

Jene Rose Pajarito: me i ask if how much mam?

Razini Duterte: Hello mam, pm sent.

Lhoree Lawree Cobarrubia: The next O’skin model❤

Razini Duterte: Love it Lhoree Lawree Cobarrubia😘

Charain Joe Ahyen Lariosa: Price details please.

Juliet Bautista Sabat: Wow ! Gorgeous like a porcelain doll!

Razini Duterte: Thank you  mam juliet😘😘

Shaneme Semblante Ermac Kromrey: Hi miss razini ill be in cebu on end September can i go your clinic get the FF2 prescription

Elaine Concepcion Alberto: pretty Raz😍😘

Razini Duterte: Thanks ate elaine😘😘

Maji Sucong: do you have one for pimples? is that effective ?

Razini Duterte: Hello maji pm sent.

Diane Shane Yray Ardillo: How much?

Marilou Narito: From quezon city,how to order and howmuch po…tnx

Cuaresma Ramona: Hm po, and how to order?

Razini Duterte: Hello mam arlene pm sent😊

Fernando Yap: ..excellent Razini…..beautiful..

Razini Duterte: Thank u…

Favel Amelia: Hello mam..Can I ask the prices? Thanks

Prescilla Rufino: beautiful..

Jeanne Sol Wong:  BAcolod Grillers @ Sugbo Mercado IT Park .try the Chicken Inasal, Monster Ribs & Pork Belly…yummy 

Miel Remulta Cuestas: Can i ask price ?

Razini Duterte: Hello mam pm sent😊

Razini Duterte: Hi mam pm sent😊

Dorothy Ann San Jose: How much?

Fernando Yap: …beautiful…..pretty..

Tattoo aftercare distributor in Cebu

tattoo aftercare distributor in Cebu- share if you got someone

Janet Barquin: Naa mo kaila??? AJ TabinoNoe Dismal

Vikkei Colden: Tattoo Goo won’t ship it there? Or even have it shipped to one of the other locations and then have the manager ship to you?

Chris Schiavi: Shipping from usa is outrageously expensive

Vikkei Colden: Bummer!!!

Chris Atha: Chris you could have someone send you one of those big ass boxes (balik bayan box) take like a month to get

Chris Atha: It is only $100 whatever you can fit in it

Brian Cotney: Aquaphor

Michael B. Puccio Jr.: Buy a plane and ship it to yourself! 😉

Chris Schiavi: or ill buy a ship, and plane it to me

Where to buy Cactus plants in Cebu City?

Where to buy

Mar Lemuel Omac Polinar: there are many in cebu hahahahaha 😂

Christian Orellano: Merchants bro? 😅

Mar Lemuel Omac Polinar: you can do it with me. You can join with us, please contact

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: try to ask LAKAS of BAGANI chan..they know 😂😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

Christian Orellano : I do not know anymore and Bagani 😅 haha

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: hahaha relate..take the desert to to live the cactus

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: cactus rather

Kaye Joan Aniñon Jerusalemm:Not in there. we have here chan. I’ll send it through airplane 😂😂😂

Christian Orellano: Effort in airplane😅 I just get it when we got to Alcantara back haha

Kaye Joan Aniñon Jerusalemm: Christian Orellano sure

Alistaire Victoria:

Green Pot Garden Succulents and Others
Villa del Rio, Bacayan, Cebu, 6000 Cebu City

Christian Orellano: Thanks, Stef!

Alistaire Victoria: Christian Orellano sure! Owner’s a relative of mine too so no scam here 😂

Christian Orellano: I sent sms already. Where in Bacayan is the store? 😅

Alistaire Victoria:Christian Orellano Villa Del Rio 1. Home based.

Villa del Rio 1 Subdivision
Local Business
Talamban Rd, Cebu City

Christian Orellano: I will check the location soon 🙂

Hazel D. Mabitad: Sm cebu chan

Christian Orellano: which location ? Haha

Hazel D. Mabitad: Christian Orellano is among the few who have sold the plants

Christian Orellano: oh legally. I check textmate hihi thanks 🙂

Dom Cin: In parking lot baby boy

Christian Orellano: Thank you sir 😊

Christian Orellano: I did not watch sir 😅 find me.

Meije Hope:Parkmall hahaha

Christian Orellano: Hhi will check on Parkmall sad. Thanks, Mejie! 🙂