Satisfy your favorite comfort food cravings with the world’s first, Cebuano Street Food Festival!

John Frey: All of your all-time favorites in one place, admission free! Velez May’s Barbecue at Larsian.

Kuya Jeff’s Siomai at Tisa Sol’s Halo-halo House of Lechon’s Carcar Lechon Maco Manok Kara’s Fried Chicken Didang’s Masareal, Otap, Etc. Mayol’s Special Bibingka in Mandaue Jessie’s Homemade Argao Balot Taho Street Food Tempura & Kwek-kwek Chinese Ngohiong and more! Food prices are relatively similar. Check us on Facebook or call us at 231 3681 for inquiries.

Avianna Burton: Lila Steele: You do not have to cook it oh

Violet Steele: And what’s the point? Who is hungry more easily with us?

Violet Steele: Charity of the ninja

Avianna Burton: You are welcome.

Addyson Snyder: Blog this Queenie Pie

Violet Steele: Taking street food to a whole new level — check out this NEW Japanese food truck, the Okinawa Heat, near the Redemptorist Church in Queen’s Road, Cebu City.

Aleah Harrington: This is what I’m telling youuuuuu. Japanese is just Ralph Michael

Justin Newman: Marlon Lao is in. Is it really a stoker? Lol

Elliott Gonzalez: Is it possible to catch the fudtruck in cebu? Aria Campbell: look oh!

Adam Hamilton: Rex babski, look

Clayton Reeves: Paul Perry: here we are with the girls if possible hahaa, Blanche Oyao is back home

Clayton Reeves: Hilak nlng ta ohyyssss …

Paul Perry: He’s a catalyst for fight for my way

Paul Perry: Does the redemptorist have a place?

Clayton Reeves: There’s a food place in the c & o bookstore

Paul Perry: Aawh dira diay

Clayton Reeves: The church is cheap and will lose its reputation

Paul Perry: Buslot pocket we do not care about me

Micah Sullivan: Christian Cuba baaaaabe !!!

Samuel Rios: Nk if it does not come to you hahahahahahah

Josiah Patrick: See u tomorrow

Amelia Holmes: Where’s the place?

Lia Castro: Tara na ayaw cge diet ohy

Haven Stevenson: Ruby Little: Well you’re right

Ruby Little: naa jd nay adress ah. 3rd plan we have to put in a lot of stuff

Haven Stevenson: Hahahahahah first siomai bes hahahahah

Isabella Mann: Stephen is back then

Myra Moss: Kylie Chloe is the man we love oh hahaha

Ruth Caldwell: dzah Jeffrie Omandam laba ang jap resto sa bogo … buhay pa raba to ddto

Jazlyn Gross: We should try this its a food truck Charlie Lamb:

Charlie Lamb: hehe

Jazlyn Gross: neverminddd

Skylar Pittman: Waaant to tryyyy Tantan

Colette Simpson: Lezz gooo

Lucille Salazar: where’s the sushi at 🙁 Carlo Adraincem

Priscilla Conner: near redemptorist church dear xah ciudad

Jaxon Wallace: Wow my jumegs that photographer !!! Pwede pa fansign? Calculate Grant:

Kira Grant: Well, I’m just friends with my writers in Cebu

Mason Pena: Thank you to those who like. Starting tomorrow we will transfer mango square …

Emily Williamson: Dai this too Dalila Caspe

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