Recommend someone who sells affordable puppies

Camden Moss: Michael Velasco

Camden Moss: Johan Beuken

Jaxon Vargas: ThAnk you !!

Camden Moss: Jaxon Vargas: no proble,yot

Marilyn Fletcher: Adrian Gallego Rosacina

Lyric Roberts: Me did your chihuahua delivered baby? hehe pure breed

Celine Robinson: Maggie Jennings:

Maggie Jennings: Thanks beauty

Elise Hopkins: Cebu quality puppies come here:)

Cebu Quality Puppies for Sale

Pet Store
National Hwy, Minglanilla, Cebu

Ayla Matthews: a friend of mine who owns a pet shop.. let me know lang and i will refer you to him.. anyway, what breed do you want?

Antonio Haynes: Stela Maris Jacaban Tabornal

Holly Howell: i want labrador? we have new puppies

Juan Harmon: Ops! there’s one in consolascion, pomeranian and chihuahua dogs.

Isla May: Evelyn Rivera:

Evelyn Rivera: Thank you, brother 😉

Hazel Mason: Kamila Bush: you have one that you want to give away right ?

Kamila Bush: I commit it with someone already. Hehehe

Nora King: Me sir I sell puppies

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