Martial Arts School in Cebu

Gracelaie Chen: There is jujitso in the fuente. Not sure if cge pa rn

Allan Scrabbles: What is the name of school?

Gracelaie Chen: Allan Scrabbles forgot my mn and asked me for my amiga. We were so lazy that we were in love but I still had a lot to do

Allan Scrabbles: hahahaha GG

Ska Ho Lic: There’s a lot of Allan Scrabbles pm of the harvest is Christian Gaviola

Allan Scrabbles: Thanks bro jury. I’ll Pm Christian Gaviola ron hehe

Ska Ho Lic: Allan Scrabbles way just bro

Christian Gaviola: Over Limit Jiu Jitsu Academy, Cebu 🤙

Over Limit Jiu Jitsu Academy, Cebu
$ Martial Arts School
Gorordo Ave, 6000 Cebu City

Christian Gaviola: Free trial for a week bro 😃. Lemme just know the taka. MWFS I train

Hannah Zambrano: Cebu MMA

Cebu MMA
4.8 ★ $ Martial Arts School
J. Llorente St, 6000 Cebu City

Allan Scrabbles: thanks winestar!

Hannah Zambrano: no biggie, Rockstar!

Allan Scrabbles: where is it gov?

Govinda Jean: Allan Scrabbles is my first check, daybreak

Van Marquin: Muai Thai bro .. Join René Toreña’s boss

Yokok’s Gym Cebu
5.0 ★ Sports & Recreation
rr landon st, 6000 Cebu City

Allan Scrabbles: pm pls hehehe

René Toreña:


Allan Scrabbles:


Kirk Barbasa Sanapo: Bebskie’s Botpalu Martial Arts Academy

Allan Scrabbles: Bebskie’s Martial Arts, Gym, Buffet and KTV Bar.

Kirk Barbasa Sanapo: hahahahaha comeplete bro

Allan Scrabbles: Fitness is very useless

Kirk Barbasa Sanapo: so bro hahaha

Vergielyn Cubol: Who touched you?

Allan Scrabbles: Hahahha. Someday you’ll know

Korazy Ayed: I’m sorry and I’m sick of the body duh hahahha

Rey Almario: Yaw yan bai 😁

Dennis Narvasa Daruca: Chinese Ngohiong bro. the best.

Allan Scrabbles: Kana bro. I love my favorite. Animal hahhaa

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