Looking for apartment for rent within Cebu city

it’s Looking for apartment for rent within Cebu city preferably Capitol/Ramos area.

Luigi Domingo Salvatierra: oyy why? Hmmmm

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Transfer

Transfer It
Screen Printing & Embroidery
1420 G. Masangkay St. Sta. Cruz, 1012 Manila, Philippines

Luigi Domingo Salvatierra: Part of soul searching? Shems

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Luigi Domingo Salvatierra  current location not suitable for young audiences shems

Loydjhon Uy: My aunt has one in bulacao area

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: it’s too far 😭😭

MJ Inting: is this available?

Loydjhon Uy: I think there’s one available

Loydjhon Uy:

Mamoru Arisu: Sanchez building infront of san carlos gym

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: You mean sa Sanciangko?

Mamoru Arisu: yes i used to live there in apartment. Accessible

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Mamoru Arisu do you have vacant ris?

Mamoru Arisu: I think. i will try in the office.

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Mamoru Arisu oh okay, I’ll try to inquire then. thanks

Jhay-r Abac: we have here but it’s a studio type. you will transfer all ? it’s only 2 person per unit.

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: we can’t transfer there, we have lots of stuff.

Arnel Palen: you can put your things outside hahaha

Arnel Palen: hahahahha

Jhay-r Abac:  noh? how do you call it , walk out closet? it’s outside

Arnel Palen: correct !!!! hahahaha

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: We have next  our house and it’s new 12k per month

San Rafael River Adventure
4.5 ★ $$ Hotel Resort
Brgy. Talacsan, 3008 San Rafael, Bulacan

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: where is it?

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon:  Happy Valley

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon hmmmm that’s fine.

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: it’s a nice house

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: we’ll check this week maybe. 🙏

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: it’s nice if asap

Rio Egos Artong: Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon still available?

Jhonathan Alvarez Aragon: With gate

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: where is it?

Jay-r Gertos Manzano: Raj AjRen okay I’ll ask thanks amhey

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