Cebu Doctors University


Pioneering Nursing college founded in 1973 as medical education in Cebu Region included in the top universities in the  Philippines. The university has six major hospital across the region:

Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital

Mactan Doctor’s Hospital

North General Hospital

San Carlos Doctor’s Hospital,

South General Hospital

Morocco Doctor’s Hospital 

Cebu Doctor’s University at present has 9 colleges including a graduate schools.

The college of Dentistry

Ranked by the Professional Regulation Commission as the top performing school in Dentist Licensure Examination with 100% consistent passing percentage. It produces graduates who become board top-notchers and exemption dentists and living testimony of Academic excellence in the clinical training.

CDU College of Medicine

They developed teaching modules now using medical schools in the country for domestic and family violence issues into medical curriculum. It proves that a prestigious university possesses world class facilities namely an Olympic Size swimming pool, a technically excellent auditorium, a pristine clinic, a well-setup gymnasium and efficient bus system, a food court with width variety of choices, a very safe in-campus dormitory, a comprehensive university library and a dedicated library for medicine. Today Cebu Doctor’s University is to be and continues to be the leader in medical education in the region, a dynamic globally acknowledge, health and service oriented education institution.

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