Any Dentist Recommendation in Cebu

Dentist Recommendation

smilemakeover with composite/porcelain veneer Fabular Dental CEBU ..if interested text (0917)6218115/ (0936) 407 5423 0r call (032) 233 8495

Alfie Jay Villardar: Hi good pm, how much is the teeth whitening?

Meriam Austran: Hi ma’am you do have denture service?

Rikka Eden Ceniza: How much?

Che TatOgz: when. 😂😔

Mc Lorenz Gacho Vallepas: How much?

Jun Fabular:

Bros King: Hm?

Bysche Ramas Rivera: Hm?

Leo Lusdoc Arancon: How much is denture, including pasta and tooth extraction….pls reply….

Kent Floyd Arganosa Garde: how much jacket?

Ruby Ann Albano: how much?

Alexandria Asanac: How much cleaning and pasta at extraction? also whitening?? Thanks

Elah Señabez: How much po ??

Al Gabriel: Wow. How much?

Yam Carriaga Zeuqirne: Hm cleaning and pasta?

Lex Ne Hjorter: How much teeth whitening

Philip Momo: How much root canal per teeth?

Dom Recaña: Hew Mech pe???

Yesha Ann Mayrel: Hm? Then hm papasta?

Jopay Mirafuentes: Hm cleaning

Demoi Selle Col: Hm?

Botar Marvin: Hm veneer? And location please?

John Rhyl Montejo Comendador: Hm?

Janlou Mades Clave: how much?

Anj Yuki Kawaii: How much for root canal, extraction and denture?

FabularDental CEBU: Hi ma’am… root canal is 20k per tooth, extraction is 1k per tooth then denture 30-50k.

Trixie Trinice: how much and location

FabularDental CEBU: Hi mam… 12k/tooth our composite venee..

FabularDental CEBU: Rm. 319 Medalle building, fuente osmeña cebu city

Marlo Abad: How much?

Enjel Mae Edillo Panilaga: Hm?

Alvie May Recososa: i want cleaning

Dodong Ada: How much po?

Cris Cañete – Formentera: Hm?

Dreah Dy Rosos: How much pasta and whitening? thanks and God bless

FabularDental CEBU: Pm po

Merry Rose Alcazar Madarang: Chera Dee M. Pogoy

Innah D Gasco: How much?

Jessa Allosada: how much cleaning?

Eunald Rebhins: How much?

Mary Rose Dangcalan Macapañas: How much ?

JPatrick Lledo: Hmuch veneer

Mark Stephen Talisic: How much pa veneer??

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