Cebu Tourist Recommendation


Below are the recommendations as to the place and things to do when you visit Cebu City:

Osmeña Peak 

You can reach the Osmeña Peak byriding call to a “Habal-habal” – a motorcycle that fits up to 4 people.  With low entrance fee, it will take you 30 minutes hike to the top and you will enjoy spectacular view.

Kawasan Falls

One the most beautiful waterfalls in Cebu, the water has an amazing turquoise color and  you will enjoy the refreshing water after long day to the sun.


A Well known place as diving spots and indeed has a crystal clear water and surrounded by thousands of sardines, and other variety of fish including clown fish and nice formation of corals, if you’re lucky enough during  your scuba diving you may find some gentle turtle enjoying swimming along with you. You may wanna try to eat sea urchins that offers by some local residences.


This place isn’t really part of Cebu but since the island is located only short ferry ride on the south Cebu this is now included in the tourist destination lists when you come to Cebu. Siquijor which is  most commonly known for the myths of heals and witchcraft surrounding the island was indeed a magical place not because of anything paranormal but rather its amazing beauty, you can ride and take stroll in the island on your own it will usually take approximately three hours to get around the whole island. You can also find the jumping spot where you can enjoy swimming in  the beach by jumping into it from the top a higher ground going down to the water. Natural foot spa is also there in an old three.



A small fishing village which gain a lot of attentions for  its huge whale sharks, swimming with those gentle giants can be accommodating. It’s worth it for lifetime experience with a low budget comparing to the other tourist spots in the Philippines.


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