Cebu Tourist Recommendation


Below are the recommendations as to the place and things to do when you visit Cebu City:

Osmeña Peak 

You can reach the Osmeña Peak byriding call to a “Habal-habal” – a motorcycle that fits up to 4 people.  With low entrance fee, it will take you 30 minutes hike to the top and you will enjoy spectacular view.

Kawasan Falls

One the most beautiful waterfalls in Cebu, the water has an amazing turquoise color and  you will enjoy the refreshing water after long day to the sun.


A Well known place as diving spots and indeed has a crystal clear water and surrounded by thousands of sardines, and other variety of fish including clown fish and nice formation of corals, if you’re lucky enough during  your scuba diving you may find some gentle turtle enjoying swimming along with you. You may wanna try to eat sea urchins that offers by some local residences.


This place isn’t really part of Cebu but since the island is located only short ferry ride on the south Cebu this is now included in the tourist destination lists when you come to Cebu. Siquijor which is  most commonly known for the myths of heals and witchcraft surrounding the island was indeed a magical place not because of anything paranormal but rather its amazing beauty, you can ride and take stroll in the island on your own it will usually take approximately three hours to get around the whole island. You can also find the jumping spot where you can enjoy swimming in  the beach by jumping into it from the top a higher ground going down to the water. Natural foot spa is also there in an old three.



A small fishing village which gain a lot of attentions for  its huge whale sharks, swimming with those gentle giants can be accommodating. It’s worth it for lifetime experience with a low budget comparing to the other tourist spots in the Philippines.


Three Major Parks in Cebu City

The City government of Cebu lists 3 major parks under its care including Plaza Independencia, Fuente Osmeña, and Plaza Sugbo.

Plaza Independencia

One of the most historically significant places in Cebu. The name of this place have change from Plaza de Armas when it was still use as military training. Parade grounds to Plaza Mayor when it expanded and reached nearby properties of the Cathedral of Cebu.   Plaza Maria Cristina honoring the queen of Spain, to Plaza Libertad when the city was free from the Spanish rule. When colonial masters had all left it became Plaza Independencia.

Fuente Osmeña

It was  built in the year 1912 to honor the late President – the fourth President of the Philippines . Fuente Osmeña  a park inside  the rotunda along Jones Avenue and General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu.  Fuente Osmeña is basically place of joggers, TaiChi practitioners and those who want to do morning exercise.

Plaza Sugbo

Is an area between the Magellan’s Cross  and the Cebu City Hall. In 2008, a rehabilitation project to ‘beautify’ the downtown district of Cebu City was commence. The project was  consider as the renovation of Plaza Independencia, the renovation of the Cebu City Hall, as well as the creation of Plaza Sugbu (Cebu Plaza) and a pocket Police Station. the same year, the Plaza was finally introduce and the special guest was no less than the country’s chief executive, former Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. After the renovation and creation of Plaza Sugbu, The area has also become a walking-district and PUJ’s and private vehicles are no longer authorize to pass in the area.

The are also a lot if  minor parks in Cebu  such as the Heritage Park, Hamabar Park, Osmeña Shrine, and parks under the J Luna and Ayala flyovers.

Cebu Major hotels

Cebu City was the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, and one of the best tourist destination in the country. The entry of international hospitality chains here is a sign that Cebu has sustained its position on the global tourism.

List of Hotels:

Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Base in Lahug area in front of It Park where call centers company are established, 30 minutes from Mactan international Airport, and a stone’s throw away from the city’s financial district and best attractions, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino is the place to go and stay.

Marco Polo Plaza

It is also establish in Lahug Cebu but it in uphill area 45  mins away from the Mactan Airport.

Dohera Hotel

In the center of Mandaue City as a focal point for guest with business or leisure reason in the City. It is only 10 minutes away from a major shopping center, hospitals, corporate offices and premiere business and we are 10-15 away from airport.

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers

It is located in the Fuente circle in the center of Cebu, with  its own entertainment compound and a 4D Theater and roller coaster. Highlighting the  panoramic city views from its indoor pool, it also offers a spa. Located next to the food and shopping options at Robinson Mall.

Montebello Villa Hotel

This is encircling by beautiful landscape-gardens, Montebello Villa Hotel within  3-minutes walk from the University of Cebu and Gaisano Country Mall.

Harolds Hotel

It’s also base in the center of Cebu City for about 10 minutes drive to the business park and Ayala Centre Cebu.

List of Other hotels in Cebu

1.Cebu Grand Hotel

2.Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites

3.Alpa City Suites

4.Casa Escano Bed and Breakfast Hotel

5.Castle Peak Hotel

6.Golden Prince Hotel and Suites

7.The Orchard Cebu Hotel and Suites

8.Rajah Park Hotel

9.Alba Uno Hotel

10.Richmond Plaza Hotel

11.Allure Hotel and Suites

12.Beverly Boutique Business Hotel

Cebu-Mactan Domestic-International Airport

Built and establish mid-1960’s to replace Lahug Airport  which could no longer be expanded due to safety and physical problems.  20 – 30 minutes travel to City proper, 20 kilometers to provincial capital, private transportation by air-conditioned cars, vans,taxis and Jeepney nearby.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport is currently served by 13 passenger airlines and 5 cargo airlines.

Domestic  Flights

Mactan-Cebu Domestic Airport has 3 major Airlines operating;

1.  Cebu Pacific Airlines that flies  to Cebu from almost every major airport in the Philippines.

2.  Philippine Airline –  the most established airline in the Philippines with the most flights.

3. Air Asia – flies to Manila and many other smaller airports.

International Flights

Mactan-Cebu International Airport has 7 major airlines operating in international flights;

1.  Cebu Pacific Airlines – flies to HK, Singapore,Korea and Japan.

2.  Silk Air – flies from Singapore to Cebu

3.  Cathay Pacific –  flies from Hk to Cebu

4.  Asiana Airlines – flies from Korea

5.  Korean Air – also flies from Korea

6. Emirates Airline – flies daily from Dubai

7.  Eva air – flies from Taiwan


Other schools and Universities in Cebu

Aside from top Universities in Cebu here’s the list of the other Universities that offers various courses in different field.

1.  Cebu Technological University

November 10, 2009, Cebu State College of Science and Technology with its nine campuses was transform into Cebu Technological University.  Dr. Pedrito C. Pontillas head of CTU – Argao Campus until his transfer to CTU – Tuburan Campus on December 31, 2011. On January 1, 2011 Dr. Panfilo E. Ciriaco assumed office as Campus Director of CTU – Argao Campus. He was again assign back to CTU – Main Campus due to his promotion as Vice-President for Production, Extension and Business Affairs effective February 4, 2013. On the same date Dr. Lynnette Matea S. Camello assumed office as Campus Director of CTU – Argao Campus from February 4, 2013 to May 6, 2015 and from May 8, 2015 to present Dr. Juanita P. Pinote is appoint as the new Campus Director of CTU-Argao campus.

2.  Cebu Eastern College

is a private nonsectarian Filipino-Chinese school that admits male and female students established in 1915.  This campus offers kindergarten, elementary, high school, and college classes, including a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. A smaller campus on D. Jakosalem offers elementary classes only.

3.  Cebu International School

It was establish in 1924 as the Cebu American School and grew from a multi-level tutorial 5-room schoolhouse to a complete K through 12 school by 1986.

4.  Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu

On June 14, 1954, the Sacred Heart Chinese Academy Colegio de San Jose Recoletos was establish for boys and girls at the corner of Mabini and Manalili Streets in Cebu City. It was the first school opened by Jesuits outside Mainland China and the first Catholic Chinese school in the Philippines.

5.  Don Bosco Technical College–Cebu

It was the St. John Bosco Academy in Tarlac in 1951. Then in 1954 was Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati and Don Bosco Technical High School, Cebu Boy’s Town. 1954 TO THE PRESENT. The first group, who was the pioneer, arrived on February 24, 1954.

6.  Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion

Established in May 1880 for boys and girls that was. Popularly known as CIC.

7.  Centro Escolar University

Established on June 3, 1907 by Doña Librada Avelino and Doña Carmen de Luna for the instruction and training of the youth in all branches of the arts and sciences.


Cebu Top 10 Universities

At the present time Cebu city large Universities with a lot of branches in the City that offer various courses.

1.   University of San Carlos

Has 5 compuses around the metropolitan area. The University of San Carlos is a Catholic Educational Institution administered since 1935 by Society of Devine Word (SVD) missionaries and became University since 1948, the offer complete education package from kindergarten,  including a Montessori academy, to graduate school.

2.  The University of the Philippines

Cebu –  an independent unit of the University of the Philippines system located in Cebu City, the capital city of Cebu in the Philippines. It was founded on May 3, 1918, ten years after the founding of UP in 1908. The new UP Cebu SRP campus features the UP Professional Schools which offers degree programs such as Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Education and Master of Science in Environmental Studies.

3.  University of San Jose – Recoletos

Founded in 1947 by the Order of Augustinian Recollects, then Colegio de San Jose-Recoletos developed from a small institution of learning to one of the excellent schools in the country.. USJ-RJ is not an average University because life feels a little different in the campus, students have cultural, professional, and spiritual opportunities that transform the traditional college experience.

4.  Cebu Normal University

Established as provincial normal school  1902 and a branch of the Philippine Normal School  and became independent as institution on 1924, later on became chartered college in the year 1976 and finally became University in 1998. The main campus is located at  Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City and two extension campuses in Medellin and Balamban.

5.  Cebu Doctors’ University

has all aspects in medical study composite. They started to offer nuclear medicine services in 1990. they also first aquire acquire a 128 slice MSC in 2006. It was a private stock corporation established in 1972  for the purpose of creating that medium where physicians and other related health and medical science practitioners can allow their competent skills and learning for the care of the sick, in particular, and for preservation and improvement of health and general.

6.  University of Cebu

is a premier educational institution in the Visayas region, founded in 1964 by Atty. Augusto W. Go as an institution of higher learning committed to authentic education. UC was initially established as Cebu College of Commerce and it offered the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Associate in Secretarial Science during its the first few years. after 7 years the institution opened more courses including Education, Liberal Arts, Customs, and Criminology. CCC then changed its name in 1972,


7.  Cebu Institute of Technology

University – In 1946 during the World War  II – Dr. Nicolas G. Escario, Sr. founded the present prestigious institution of learning in Cebu, the Cebu Institute of Technology – University formerly Cebu Institute of Technology. Dr. Escario’s initiative, and in collaboration with three illustrious Cebuano technocrats: Engr. Fidel C. Dagani, Engr. Amancio A. Alcordo and Engr. Jose A. Cavan. It offered the following degree programs: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture and Vocational programs. In tune with the objective of the higher education to answer the needs of the time and to complement the technical programs offered, the first non-technical program offered was the Liberal Arts in 1947, Pharmacy and Junior Normal programs in 1948 and Education in 1949. The Vocational department was phased out in 1951 while the College of Commerce was opened in the same year. Two years later, in 1953, the Sanitary Engineering department started. To meet the demands of the growing society, other programs were offered such as Pre-medicine in 1957 and Secretarial in 1958.

8.  Southwestern University

This is a private University which founded by a two Pharmacists, on 1946 they named it Southern college then eventually became a University on December 11, 1959 with three campuses located in Metro Cebu.

9.   St. Theresa’s College

The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM) on June 1, 1933 founded this Catholic institution of learning to show gesture of the invitation of Msgr. Gabriel Reyes, then Archbishop of Cebu, the school offers all levels of instruction for  girls from preparatory to college.


“Temple of Leah” Parthenon of Cebu


Adarna family is well known and popular family in Cebu because of their wealth and businesses.  They own various hotels, resorts, condominiums and Queensland – a chain of motels in Manila, Davao and Cebu City.

Teodorico an Engineer by training while his wife was helping him by selling pigs to survive and for their children.  Their life wasn’t easy when they begun to start building their family. Eventually Teodorico made money through motel chain, Queensland in Cebu and Leah invested to some land properties including the lot in Busay where the temple stands. When Leah died, her daughter and the rest of the family had to recover and secure all the land titles their mother invested for about 5,000 square meters to 30 hectares. \

Temple of Leah

The magnificent and classical temple situated at the hilltop Busay Cebu called Temple of Leah. It was name after the Late Leah Adarna, Teodorico Adarna built this temple as a testament of his love for his wife.  They were together for 54 years and Leah died at 69 in the year 2012 they had 4 children and was blesse to have 16 grand children.

The temple has an altar of the cult under the skylight and somehow looks like pantheons of Greece. Also references to some Greek-Roman temple, there is also a chamber inside build to store all the travel collections of Leah Adarna. At the present time the temple is now one of the must-see attraction or tourist spot in Cebu it will only take 15-20 minutes travel from the city downtown.

Fees and Timings

It begun to start accepting guests/tourist in August 2015 with 50 pesos (guest entrance fee) open 24/7. Weekdays would be a lesser crowd in the temple, they are also accepts visitors for Photography purposes like weddings, debut and other events in this case the venue fee is 2500 pesos.

In the lobby of the premises the reception area is surrounded by full-sized porcelain maidens and naked maidens and horses. The temple is on a mountain with an overlooking Cebu, there are food stalls in the entrance and near restaurant like Lantaw – native Filipino restaurant and also the nearest hotel is Marco Polo in Busay.



Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival

It’s an annual holiday Celebration in the Queen of the South, grand parade of Sinulog Festival.

Every third Sunday of January the participants are street dancing with replica of Santo Niño. As to some people the Santo Niño was first parade 1865 when the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived in the island.

You can feel the spirit of the festival on every face of the people  who experience the grand festival.  Its shows the faith and dedication of the people who celebrates Sinulog, this is also considered as grandest festival in the country.

Other places are celebrating Sinulog Festival even some other countries by the Filipino Community.

The Festival also promotes the city as one of the best tourist Spot in the Philippines. Also their products like; dried mango, dried fish and other food they’re best at.

You may feel deep devotion from the people as they say ” Viva Pit Senyor ” – Long live, call on the Holy Child Jesus.

Fluvial Parade
Aside from the Grand Santo Niño Parade and Street dancing, they also have this fluvial procession, devotees waited by the shores of Mactan Channel as the Sto. Niño was paraded around the port area.
Starts on Friday before the Grand Sinulog Festiva when the image of the Sto. Niño was brought to Lapu-Lapu City through a motorcade — passing by Mandaue’s Shrine of Saint Joseph. From there, the image of the Holy Child Jesus was brought back to Cebu City in a fluvial procession.

Beaches in Cebu

Enjoy your stay and explore the province as they have a lot of beautiful beaches during  summer time. Here are some beautiful getaway beaches to visit:

Malapascua Island

In the town of  Daanbantayan in northern part of Cebu  beautiful white beach Malapascua Island can be found. They also have a world class diving spots. From Cebu Northern Bus Terminal the easiest way, 4 hours travel  going to Maya Port then 30 mins boat ride. You may also find cheapest accommodations in the Island that ranges from P300 – P500 if you prefer a fancy room. Resorts are mostly beachfront where you can enjoy fantastic views or spend sunrise and sunsets aside from enjoying the white sand beach.


Sumilon Island

The Island lies for just about 15 – 20 minutes off the coast of Oslob Cebu city, it has a white powdery sand, turquoise  water and beautiful sand bar stretches to hundred meters. On the other side you will also enjoy the view of the mainland Cebu and the endless horizon of the blue waters of the ocean.



Its roughly 3 hours travel from Cebu South Bus terminal. Not only the beautiful beach and white sand but Whale Shark Feeding and watching is the main attraction in this tourist destination spot. The huge gentle giants locally called “tuki” is the reason why many tourist from other provinces and even from other countries are coming to Oslob Cebu, you can swim with them and feed them as well while doing snorkeling.  Scuba divers are also round the area.



This is only a two hours drive from the city, best scuba diving spots or diving paradise not only Cebu but in the entire Philippines.  dive sites in the area; Pescador Island, home to hammerhead sharks and the famous sardine run. You may also find some dive shops where you can buy diving gears and other things that you need to fully enjoy and take advantage your chance of doing scuba diving, shops are located in Panagsama Beach where tourist usually stay in Moalboal.


Santa Fe Beaches Bantayan Island

Its a group of Island situated in north of Cebu, consist of three municipalities; Bantayan, Santa Fe, Madridejos,  is almost 6 hours of both land and water travel from the City of Cebu.  A lovely patch splendid and breathtaking white white beaches, shimmering azure waters and sandbar


Cebu Historical Sites

Cebu City is  rich in historical attractions and considered as the oldest city in the Philippines.

Lapu-Lapu and Magellan

The place is named after Lapulapu  -the great chief and ruler of Mactan.  He was considered as National Hero who killed  navigator and explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Magellan was the first Portuguese (European) to come to the Philippines  in the year 1521. Along with his crew they brought Christianity and offer baptismal to signify the propagation of the Roman Catholic Faith.  Magellan planted a cross which is now one of the historic tourist spot in the City. Some say that the original cross was destroy. The one display is only a replica as many people tried to steal the original cross because of its miraculous healing power.

Lapu-Lapu and Magellan statues are stand in the place to recall the awful meeting of West and East in this part of the world.

Fort San Pedro

Known as one of the oldest fort in the country. It was built in the year 1565 by the Spanish and Cebuano laborers as Military Defense Structure, 14 cannons were mounted in the area.

It is a triangle shape with two sides facing the sea with artillery, one side is facing the land with a strong palisade made of wood, they  also built a tower used as viewing decks on each of the three sides and its served as bastions – the La Concepción at the southwest, Ignacio de Loyola at the southeast, and San Miguel at the North, towers are 30 feet high from the ground.

Simala Shrine

It was Establish  in Sibonga Town, Southern Cebu where the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist where Marian monks live, work and pray.

The Shrine is one of those religious place in Visayas and most believers come to offer prayers, petitions, devotion to the Virgin Mother, and their wishes to obtain graces also to ask miracle to the people with illness whether its a minor physical sickness etc.

Its architecture is somehow looks like some Cathedrals in Europe. when praying, the people offers lighting candles with different colors and each colors has meaning;

Black  – souls’ forgiveness and pardon
Brown – marriage bond, God’s servant, single life

Blue –  employment, career, assignment, promotions

Cream – conversion/faith for one’s children, household, couples

Gold – healing, recovery, spiritual, family tree

Green – prosperity or success of one’s exam, study, financial, business

Gray – deliverance from bad ways, things, spirits, or anything that is bad

Orange – reconciliation between (among) sweethearts, wife and husband, enemies, families

Pink – thanksgiving, happiness, or joy in both spirit and body

Red –  love (unity, friendship, engagement, family)

Violet – achievement in one’s plans in life, struggles, endeavors, journey, voyage

Yellow – peace including courage, strength, hope

White – purity especially in terms of achieving enlightenment, guidance, right path