Three Major Parks in Cebu City

The City government of Cebu lists 3 major parks under its care including Plaza Independencia, Fuente Osmeña, and Plaza Sugbo.

Plaza Independencia

One of the most historically significant places in Cebu. The name of this place have change from Plaza de Armas when it was still use as military training. Parade grounds to Plaza Mayor when it expanded and reached nearby properties of the Cathedral of Cebu.   Plaza Maria Cristina honoring the queen of Spain, to Plaza Libertad when the city was free from the Spanish rule. When colonial masters had all left it became Plaza Independencia.

Fuente Osmeña

It was  built in the year 1912 to honor the late President – the fourth President of the Philippines . Fuente Osmeña  a park inside  the rotunda along Jones Avenue and General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu.  Fuente Osmeña is basically place of joggers, TaiChi practitioners and those who want to do morning exercise.

Plaza Sugbo

Is an area between the Magellan’s Cross  and the Cebu City Hall. In 2008, a rehabilitation project to ‘beautify’ the downtown district of Cebu City was commence. The project was  consider as the renovation of Plaza Independencia, the renovation of the Cebu City Hall, as well as the creation of Plaza Sugbu (Cebu Plaza) and a pocket Police Station. the same year, the Plaza was finally introduce and the special guest was no less than the country’s chief executive, former Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. After the renovation and creation of Plaza Sugbu, The area has also become a walking-district and PUJ’s and private vehicles are no longer authorize to pass in the area.

The are also a lot if  minor parks in Cebu  such as the Heritage Park, Hamabar Park, Osmeña Shrine, and parks under the J Luna and Ayala flyovers.

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