HELP! Can anyone recommend a private car or van for hire?

HELP! Can anyone recommend a private car or van for hire? We need it on 12th January for canyoneering South of Cebu area xx Cheers.

Matthias Bandal: Capacity??

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Boynie Rondina: mI will send you pm, my bro knows someone..

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Richmond Garrido Perez:

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Epog Bugz: Paul I know someone.

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Rainch Tee Moore: Jogs Arnado

Paul Perez: PM sent

Comendador Cj: Sir Paul I have

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Abs Nozokimasu: Can I join haha

Paul Perez: my guest in Airbnb room friend. I cant drive but i can recommend someone.

Eliakim Uzziah: overnight van?

Paul Perez: One only. pls call me.

Paul Perez: Call me. You know my number xx

Eliakim Uzziah: Art Malaki

Buggy Buggyboi: Pm me sir

Danver Binoya: there’s a van for hire here for 5 pax only..

Paul Perez: Doc globe number please?

Danver Binoya: Paul Perez

Danver Binoya:

Ernest Sebandal: good for 5 pasenger including driver

Paul Perez: You know my number.

Ernest Sebandal: no….

Bruce Sky: Clavel Mondares Abueva.. i pm’d you on this.

Leizel B. Fajardo: Naa me for hire tagae q contact number sir

Leizel B. Fajardo: Ronamae FajardoFajardo Pretencio

Ernest Sebandal: Willy Wilson Palis

Ernest Sebandal: Wil basin pwde imong auto ani kuya paul na

Wilson Palis: pwde ra dal

Wilson Palis: pila m k pax Sir?

Joean Corona: Asle Ymb

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