Tattoo aftercare distributor in Cebu

tattoo aftercare distributor in Cebu- share if you got someone

Janet Barquin: Naa mo kaila??? AJ TabinoNoe Dismal

Vikkei Colden: Tattoo Goo won’t ship it there? Or even have it shipped to one of the other locations and then have the manager ship to you?

Chris Schiavi: Shipping from usa is outrageously expensive

Vikkei Colden: Bummer!!!

Chris Atha: Chris you could have someone send you one of those big ass boxes (balik bayan box) take like a month to get

Chris Atha: It is only $100 whatever you can fit in it

Brian Cotney: Aquaphor

Michael B. Puccio Jr.: Buy a plane and ship it to yourself! 😉

Chris Schiavi: or ill buy a ship, and plane it to me

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