Where to buy Cactus plants in Cebu City?

Where to buy

Mar Lemuel Omac Polinar: there are many in cebu hahahahaha 😂

Christian Orellano: Merchants bro? 😅

Mar Lemuel Omac Polinar: you can do it with me. You can join with us, please contact

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: try to ask LAKAS of BAGANI chan..they know 😂😂😂😂✌✌✌✌

Christian Orellano : I do not know anymore and Bagani 😅 haha

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: hahaha relate..take the desert to LAKAS..how to live the cactus

Coney D-Formentera Dotosme: cactus rather

Kaye Joan Aniñon Jerusalemm:Not in there. we have here chan. I’ll send it through airplane 😂😂😂

Christian Orellano: Effort in airplane😅 I just get it when we got to Alcantara back haha

Kaye Joan Aniñon Jerusalemm: Christian Orellano sure

Alistaire Victoria: https://www.facebook.com/succulentsornamentalsherbs/

Green Pot Garden Succulents and Others
Villa del Rio, Bacayan, Cebu, 6000 Cebu City

Christian Orellano: Thanks, Stef!

Alistaire Victoria: Christian Orellano sure! Owner’s a relative of mine too so no scam here 😂

Christian Orellano: I sent sms already. Where in Bacayan is the store? 😅

Alistaire Victoria:Christian Orellano Villa Del Rio 1. Home based.

Villa del Rio 1 Subdivision
Local Business
Talamban Rd, Cebu City

Christian Orellano: I will check the location soon 🙂

Hazel D. Mabitad: Sm cebu chan

Christian Orellano: which location ? Haha

Hazel D. Mabitad: Christian Orellano is among the few who have sold the plants

Christian Orellano: oh legally. I check textmate hihi thanks 🙂

Dom Cin: In parking lot baby boy

Christian Orellano: Thank you sir 😊

Christian Orellano: I did not watch sir 😅 find me.

Meije Hope:Parkmall hahaha

Christian Orellano: Hhi will check on Parkmall sad. Thanks, Mejie! 🙂

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