“Temple of Leah” Parthenon of Cebu


Adarna family is well known and popular family in Cebu because of their wealth and businesses.  They own various hotels, resorts, condominiums and Queensland – a chain of motels in Manila, Davao and Cebu City.

Teodorico an Engineer by training while his wife was helping him by selling pigs to survive and for their children.  Their life wasn’t easy when they begun to start building their family. Eventually Teodorico made money through motel chain, Queensland in Cebu and Leah invested to some land properties including the lot in Busay where the temple stands. When Leah died, her daughter and the rest of the family had to recover and secure all the land titles their mother invested for about 5,000 square meters to 30 hectares. \

Temple of Leah

The magnificent and classical temple situated at the hilltop Busay Cebu called Temple of Leah. It was name after the Late Leah Adarna, Teodorico Adarna built this temple as a testament of his love for his wife.  They were together for 54 years and Leah died at 69 in the year 2012 they had 4 children and was blesse to have 16 grand children.

The temple has an altar of the cult under the skylight and somehow looks like pantheons of Greece. Also references to some Greek-Roman temple, there is also a chamber inside build to store all the travel collections of Leah Adarna. At the present time the temple is now one of the must-see attraction or tourist spot in Cebu it will only take 15-20 minutes travel from the city downtown.

Fees and Timings

It begun to start accepting guests/tourist in August 2015 with 50 pesos (guest entrance fee) open 24/7. Weekdays would be a lesser crowd in the temple, they are also accepts visitors for Photography purposes like weddings, debut and other events in this case the venue fee is 2500 pesos.

In the lobby of the premises the reception area is surrounded by full-sized porcelain maidens and naked maidens and horses. The temple is on a mountain with an overlooking Cebu, there are food stalls in the entrance and near restaurant like Lantaw – native Filipino restaurant and also the nearest hotel is Marco Polo in Busay.



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