HELP! Can anyone recommend a private car or van for hire?

HELP! Can anyone recommend a private car or van for hire? We need it on 12th January for canyoneering South of Cebu area xx Cheers.

Matthias Bandal: Capacity??

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Boynie Rondina: mI will send you pm, my bro knows someone..

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Richmond Garrido Perez:

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Epog Bugz: Paul I know someone.

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Rainch Tee Moore: Jogs Arnado

Paul Perez: PM sent

Comendador Cj: Sir Paul I have

Paul Perez: PM sent.

Abs Nozokimasu: Can I join haha

Paul Perez: my guest in Airbnb room friend. I cant drive but i can recommend someone.

Eliakim Uzziah: overnight van?

Paul Perez: One only. pls call me.

Paul Perez: Call me. You know my number xx

Eliakim Uzziah: Art Malaki

Buggy Buggyboi: Pm me sir

Danver Binoya: there’s a van for hire here for 5 pax only..

Paul Perez: Doc globe number please?

Danver Binoya: Paul Perez

Danver Binoya:

Ernest Sebandal: good for 5 pasenger including driver

Paul Perez: You know my number.

Ernest Sebandal: no….

Bruce Sky: Clavel Mondares Abueva.. i pm’d you on this.

Leizel B. Fajardo: Naa me for hire tagae q contact number sir

Leizel B. Fajardo: Ronamae FajardoFajardo Pretencio

Ernest Sebandal: Willy Wilson Palis

Ernest Sebandal: Wil basin pwde imong auto ani kuya paul na

Wilson Palis: pwde ra dal

Wilson Palis: pila m k pax Sir?

Joean Corona: Asle Ymb

Any Dentist Recommendation in Cebu

Dentist Recommendation

smilemakeover with composite/porcelain veneer Fabular Dental CEBU ..if interested text (0917)6218115/ (0936) 407 5423 0r call (032) 233 8495

Alfie Jay Villardar: Hi good pm, how much is the teeth whitening?

Meriam Austran: Hi ma’am you do have denture service?

Rikka Eden Ceniza: How much?

Che TatOgz: when. 😂😔

Mc Lorenz Gacho Vallepas: How much?

Jun Fabular:

Bros King: Hm?

Bysche Ramas Rivera: Hm?

Leo Lusdoc Arancon: How much is denture, including pasta and tooth extraction….pls reply….

Kent Floyd Arganosa Garde: how much jacket?

Ruby Ann Albano: how much?

Alexandria Asanac: How much cleaning and pasta at extraction? also whitening?? Thanks

Elah Señabez: How much po ??

Al Gabriel: Wow. How much?

Yam Carriaga Zeuqirne: Hm cleaning and pasta?

Lex Ne Hjorter: How much teeth whitening

Philip Momo: How much root canal per teeth?

Dom Recaña: Hew Mech pe???

Yesha Ann Mayrel: Hm? Then hm papasta?

Jopay Mirafuentes: Hm cleaning

Demoi Selle Col: Hm?

Botar Marvin: Hm veneer? And location please?

John Rhyl Montejo Comendador: Hm?

Janlou Mades Clave: how much?

Anj Yuki Kawaii: How much for root canal, extraction and denture?

FabularDental CEBU: Hi ma’am… root canal is 20k per tooth, extraction is 1k per tooth then denture 30-50k.

Trixie Trinice: how much and location

FabularDental CEBU: Hi mam… 12k/tooth our composite venee..

FabularDental CEBU: Rm. 319 Medalle building, fuente osmeña cebu city

Marlo Abad: How much?

Enjel Mae Edillo Panilaga: Hm?

Alvie May Recososa: i want cleaning

Dodong Ada: How much po?

Cris Cañete – Formentera: Hm?

Dreah Dy Rosos: How much pasta and whitening? thanks and God bless

FabularDental CEBU: Pm po

Merry Rose Alcazar Madarang: Chera Dee M. Pogoy

Innah D Gasco: How much?

Jessa Allosada: how much cleaning?

Eunald Rebhins: How much?

Mary Rose Dangcalan Macapañas: How much ?

JPatrick Lledo: Hmuch veneer

Mark Stephen Talisic: How much pa veneer??

Cebu Doctors University


Pioneering Nursing college founded in 1973 as medical education in Cebu Region included in the top universities in the  Philippines. The university has six major hospital across the region:

Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital

Mactan Doctor’s Hospital

North General Hospital

San Carlos Doctor’s Hospital,

South General Hospital

Morocco Doctor’s Hospital 

Cebu Doctor’s University at present has 9 colleges including a graduate schools.

The college of Dentistry

Ranked by the Professional Regulation Commission as the top performing school in Dentist Licensure Examination with 100% consistent passing percentage. It produces graduates who become board top-notchers and exemption dentists and living testimony of Academic excellence in the clinical training.

CDU College of Medicine

They developed teaching modules now using medical schools in the country for domestic and family violence issues into medical curriculum. It proves that a prestigious university possesses world class facilities namely an Olympic Size swimming pool, a technically excellent auditorium, a pristine clinic, a well-setup gymnasium and efficient bus system, a food court with width variety of choices, a very safe in-campus dormitory, a comprehensive university library and a dedicated library for medicine. Today Cebu Doctor’s University is to be and continues to be the leader in medical education in the region, a dynamic globally acknowledge, health and service oriented education institution.

Cebu Doctors Hospital


Quality,  commitment, Patient safety are the standard that makes Cebu Doctor’s Hospital a symbol of world class Healthcare and education. The first hospital in the country accredited by the UK-based accreditation scheme healthcare standards of the British national health service.


The 24/7 front-liners will assist with the admitting and discharging process, coordinate with other departments about patients total care. With five classification of medical accommodations Cebu doctor’s University Hospital has facilities to suit any patient’s individual needs.

Emergency Room

With its easy access, the emergency room is open 24/7 and equipped with modern technology to handle various medical services.

Pay-ward Room

Shared setting, private rooms with LCD cable television, bathroom, air conditioning and room service dine-in.

Semi Suite Room

Enjoy individually control air conditioning and large spaces. Luxury suite room come with a mini kitchenette.

VIP Room

The VIP room with luxurious amenities, hot and cold shower, computer with internet , own kitchenette and concierge service.

Operating Room

8 Operating room to proceed from general surgery to specialize operations.  They acquired the latest machinery and equipment to provide the best services such as Respiratory and Cardiac support, Patient monitoring and diagnostic tools  – Alcon Lens X – the first layer system approved by the US FTA for Cataract surgery. It’s the only unit in Visayans and Mindanao and only the 4th in Asia known for its accuracy and re-productivity. This lens X replaced many of the steps in the Cataract surgery.

Delivery Room

The Cebu  Doctor’s Hospital – Child delivery facilities are fully furnish and sophisticated recognizing the importance of child birth. The facilities are built to create a calm and intimate experience.


The nursery aims to provide the best care and comfort to infants with several bed types for various concerns.


Cebu Chong Hua Hospital


Chong Hua Hospital was establish  year  1909 as the first medical services of highest quality in the Visayas and Mindanao. It’s founders and Board of Trustees of the Asociacion Benevola de Cebu in support of the Cebu-Chinese community, it is quite new and clean and the lay-out is very nice.

The first Chong Hua Hospital is located in Mandaue Cebu City, there’s another one in Fuente Circle, it is one of the bigger Hospital that is why Chong hua is one of the top hospital in Cebu.

Chong Hua hospital has their Executive Health Unit where they set numbers of Laboratory tests that would take 2-5 hours and you can even schedule for an over night if that would be convenient to you depending on which set of test and some programs you may want to take as they have package deals with the examples below: other hospital also offers similar type things or packages.

8 Exam plans: Basic = 7,500 pesos or $150
Cardio – Approximately 12,000 pesos or $240
Comprehensive – Approximately 29,000 pesos or $580
Diabetes – approximately 17,000 pesos or $340
Womens – approximately 15,000 pesos or $300

Cebu Tourist Recommendation


Below are the recommendations as to the place and things to do when you visit Cebu City:

Osmeña Peak 

You can reach the Osmeña Peak byriding call to a “Habal-habal” – a motorcycle that fits up to 4 people.  With low entrance fee, it will take you 30 minutes hike to the top and you will enjoy spectacular view.

Kawasan Falls

One the most beautiful waterfalls in Cebu, the water has an amazing turquoise color and  you will enjoy the refreshing water after long day to the sun.


A Well known place as diving spots and indeed has a crystal clear water and surrounded by thousands of sardines, and other variety of fish including clown fish and nice formation of corals, if you’re lucky enough during  your scuba diving you may find some gentle turtle enjoying swimming along with you. You may wanna try to eat sea urchins that offers by some local residences.


This place isn’t really part of Cebu but since the island is located only short ferry ride on the south Cebu this is now included in the tourist destination lists when you come to Cebu. Siquijor which is  most commonly known for the myths of heals and witchcraft surrounding the island was indeed a magical place not because of anything paranormal but rather its amazing beauty, you can ride and take stroll in the island on your own it will usually take approximately three hours to get around the whole island. You can also find the jumping spot where you can enjoy swimming in  the beach by jumping into it from the top a higher ground going down to the water. Natural foot spa is also there in an old three.



A small fishing village which gain a lot of attentions for  its huge whale sharks, swimming with those gentle giants can be accommodating. It’s worth it for lifetime experience with a low budget comparing to the other tourist spots in the Philippines.


Three Major Parks in Cebu City

The City government of Cebu lists 3 major parks under its care including Plaza Independencia, Fuente Osmeña, and Plaza Sugbo.

Plaza Independencia

One of the most historically significant places in Cebu. The name of this place have change from Plaza de Armas when it was still use as military training. Parade grounds to Plaza Mayor when it expanded and reached nearby properties of the Cathedral of Cebu.   Plaza Maria Cristina honoring the queen of Spain, to Plaza Libertad when the city was free from the Spanish rule. When colonial masters had all left it became Plaza Independencia.

Fuente Osmeña

It was  built in the year 1912 to honor the late President – the fourth President of the Philippines . Fuente Osmeña  a park inside  the rotunda along Jones Avenue and General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu.  Fuente Osmeña is basically place of joggers, TaiChi practitioners and those who want to do morning exercise.

Plaza Sugbo

Is an area between the Magellan’s Cross  and the Cebu City Hall. In 2008, a rehabilitation project to ‘beautify’ the downtown district of Cebu City was commence. The project was  consider as the renovation of Plaza Independencia, the renovation of the Cebu City Hall, as well as the creation of Plaza Sugbu (Cebu Plaza) and a pocket Police Station. the same year, the Plaza was finally introduce and the special guest was no less than the country’s chief executive, former Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. After the renovation and creation of Plaza Sugbu, The area has also become a walking-district and PUJ’s and private vehicles are no longer authorize to pass in the area.

The are also a lot if  minor parks in Cebu  such as the Heritage Park, Hamabar Park, Osmeña Shrine, and parks under the J Luna and Ayala flyovers.

Cebu Major hotels

Cebu City was the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, and one of the best tourist destination in the country. The entry of international hospitality chains here is a sign that Cebu has sustained its position on the global tourism.

List of Hotels:

Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Base in Lahug area in front of It Park where call centers company are established, 30 minutes from Mactan international Airport, and a stone’s throw away from the city’s financial district and best attractions, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino is the place to go and stay.

Marco Polo Plaza

It is also establish in Lahug Cebu but it in uphill area 45  mins away from the Mactan Airport.

Dohera Hotel

In the center of Mandaue City as a focal point for guest with business or leisure reason in the City. It is only 10 minutes away from a major shopping center, hospitals, corporate offices and premiere business and we are 10-15 away from airport.

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers

It is located in the Fuente circle in the center of Cebu, with  its own entertainment compound and a 4D Theater and roller coaster. Highlighting the  panoramic city views from its indoor pool, it also offers a spa. Located next to the food and shopping options at Robinson Mall.

Montebello Villa Hotel

This is encircling by beautiful landscape-gardens, Montebello Villa Hotel within  3-minutes walk from the University of Cebu and Gaisano Country Mall.

Harolds Hotel

It’s also base in the center of Cebu City for about 10 minutes drive to the business park and Ayala Centre Cebu.

List of Other hotels in Cebu

1.Cebu Grand Hotel

2.Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites

3.Alpa City Suites

4.Casa Escano Bed and Breakfast Hotel

5.Castle Peak Hotel

6.Golden Prince Hotel and Suites

7.The Orchard Cebu Hotel and Suites

8.Rajah Park Hotel

9.Alba Uno Hotel

10.Richmond Plaza Hotel

11.Allure Hotel and Suites

12.Beverly Boutique Business Hotel

Cebu-Mactan Domestic-International Airport

Built and establish mid-1960’s to replace Lahug Airport  which could no longer be expanded due to safety and physical problems.  20 – 30 minutes travel to City proper, 20 kilometers to provincial capital, private transportation by air-conditioned cars, vans,taxis and Jeepney nearby.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport is currently served by 13 passenger airlines and 5 cargo airlines.

Domestic  Flights

Mactan-Cebu Domestic Airport has 3 major Airlines operating;

1.  Cebu Pacific Airlines that flies  to Cebu from almost every major airport in the Philippines.

2.  Philippine Airline –  the most established airline in the Philippines with the most flights.

3. Air Asia – flies to Manila and many other smaller airports.

International Flights

Mactan-Cebu International Airport has 7 major airlines operating in international flights;

1.  Cebu Pacific Airlines – flies to HK, Singapore,Korea and Japan.

2.  Silk Air – flies from Singapore to Cebu

3.  Cathay Pacific –  flies from Hk to Cebu

4.  Asiana Airlines – flies from Korea

5.  Korean Air – also flies from Korea

6. Emirates Airline – flies daily from Dubai

7.  Eva air – flies from Taiwan


Other schools and Universities in Cebu

Aside from top Universities in Cebu here’s the list of the other Universities that offers various courses in different field.

1.  Cebu Technological University

November 10, 2009, Cebu State College of Science and Technology with its nine campuses was transform into Cebu Technological University.  Dr. Pedrito C. Pontillas head of CTU – Argao Campus until his transfer to CTU – Tuburan Campus on December 31, 2011. On January 1, 2011 Dr. Panfilo E. Ciriaco assumed office as Campus Director of CTU – Argao Campus. He was again assign back to CTU – Main Campus due to his promotion as Vice-President for Production, Extension and Business Affairs effective February 4, 2013. On the same date Dr. Lynnette Matea S. Camello assumed office as Campus Director of CTU – Argao Campus from February 4, 2013 to May 6, 2015 and from May 8, 2015 to present Dr. Juanita P. Pinote is appoint as the new Campus Director of CTU-Argao campus.

2.  Cebu Eastern College

is a private nonsectarian Filipino-Chinese school that admits male and female students established in 1915.  This campus offers kindergarten, elementary, high school, and college classes, including a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. A smaller campus on D. Jakosalem offers elementary classes only.

3.  Cebu International School

It was establish in 1924 as the Cebu American School and grew from a multi-level tutorial 5-room schoolhouse to a complete K through 12 school by 1986.

4.  Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu

On June 14, 1954, the Sacred Heart Chinese Academy Colegio de San Jose Recoletos was establish for boys and girls at the corner of Mabini and Manalili Streets in Cebu City. It was the first school opened by Jesuits outside Mainland China and the first Catholic Chinese school in the Philippines.

5.  Don Bosco Technical College–Cebu

It was the St. John Bosco Academy in Tarlac in 1951. Then in 1954 was Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati and Don Bosco Technical High School, Cebu Boy’s Town. 1954 TO THE PRESENT. The first group, who was the pioneer, arrived on February 24, 1954.

6.  Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion

Established in May 1880 for boys and girls that was. Popularly known as CIC.

7.  Centro Escolar University

Established on June 3, 1907 by Doña Librada Avelino and Doña Carmen de Luna for the instruction and training of the youth in all branches of the arts and sciences.